Kris Axhoj Homes

                Our Story

Designer Construction Corporation has been incorporated since March of 2000.  Kris Axhoj is the president/owner of the corporation and has been in the construction business for over 25 years.  The corporation markets under the name of Kris Axhoj Homes.   Kris has a degree in industrial engineering from Clarkson University which aids him in construction management, process management, and attention to detail.  He has a passion for building homes and thrives on building excellent, quality homes with the newest technologies.  Kris is committed to the highest professional standards of excellence.   Rhonda Axhoj is a graduate of Buena Vista University, a former CPA with the Big Six, and is currently vice president of the corporation.  She handles all the accounting for the corporation and, being an avid gardener, designs all the landscaping for homes under construction.  Rhonda is also a licensed Broker-in-Charge and has her own real estate company.   On average, the company builds 6-12 homes per year.  Kris has never built the same home twice and builds homes using best practices and exceptional quality.  Kris uses many resources in his homes that are considered high performance and “green”.  Kris has served all demographics and has created homes for all levels of the market. The homes range from starter homes to 11,000 square feet. Prices range from very affordable for families on a strict budget to past $4,000,000.  With great quality and exquisite style, our homes are beautiful and rewarding to both the buyer and the developer.

Kris takes pride in the level of craftsmanship he has in every home. The superior quality and attention to detail combined with his personal dedication to customer satisfaction and his unparalleled commitment to customer service has earned him a reputation as one of the Charlotte Area's premier custom home builders. Kris is an active member of the Union County Home Builder's Association.